The Nepali run NGO, ‘Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness’ (ECCA) provides conservation and environmental education to communities via its work with school children as ECCA “campers”.


WMT sponsors an ECCA programme in schools in Southern Lalitpur. This is a poor, mountainous district just south of Kathmandu and it was here that the PIA crash occurred. ECCA’s programme includes tutorials on environmental issues, natural science discussions, arts, crafts and cultural programmes as well as support for nature clubs in the school. WMT has also provided support for improvements in the participating schools such as water purification for drinking water, the construction of toilet blocks and the erection of school fences. The ECCA project has recently been extended to include sustainable income generating projects.

For more information please email If you wish to make a donation to Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness, please see our donation page, and mention which project you would like to donate to on the form. Thank you.