Our Projects

Community Based Rehabilitation Service

Unik with her walker

CBRS works with disabled children by proving support networks, special equipment and training. They also work to combat general ignorance about disability in the wider community. Disability is an issue that has until recently been largely ignored by successive Nepalese governments and most development organizations.  CBRS is now involved in training managers and field staff for NGOs and government organizations.

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Supporting the Education of Nepalese Young People

Rosna current BSc student
The WMT has sponsored a group of Nepalese young people to stay in education where they would not have been able to do so.
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Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA)

Ikudol school
ECCA now works in 13 schools just south of Kathmandu, promoting environmental thinking to school children and through them to their families and the community. We have also sponsored fledgling libraries in these schools.
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Self-Reliant Centre

Women's Health Camp
SRC runs a program of health camps and health education courses in poor villages and promotes herbal remedies as a cheap and effective alternative to expensive Western medicines.
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