Self Reliance Centre

Women's Health CampThere is no NHS in Nepal and, in rural areas, health facilities are very limited or non-existent. WMT sponsors a number of SRC health initiatives including health camps and clinics in disadvantaged areas of rural Nepal, training programmes for health workers, health education especially for women and a herbal medicine project. Western medicines are beyond the financial means of most Nepalese villagers.

The co-ordinator of SRC, Aparna Bhatta, has done much research into the traditional use of herbal remedies, assessed the efficacy of the plant extracts and written a guide on the medicinal use of Nepalese herbs. SRC has developed herb gardens, where local herbs of known medical efficacy are propagated. These plants are dried and medicines prepared under the guidance of a trained herbalist. This project provides the community with affordable remedies for many of the common ailments and an income for the herbal workers.


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