Educational Scholarships

WMT has provided education scholarships for a number of young Nepalis.  Beneficiaries include Sampana, Aruna, Kishor, Regmi and Rosna.

Sampana Gurung was supported through her secondary school education, including10+2 examinations. Sampana came from a very poor family who live near Rithipaeni, Andrew and Helen’s language training village. Sampana has now moved onto live her own life in Nepali society.

ArunaWMT paid the tuition fees for Aruna Shrestha to study for an electronics degree at Kathmandu Engineering College. Aruna’s family live near Andhi Khola, one of Andew’s project areas. Although poor, her parents, have worked hard to educate their daughters as well as their sons. Aruna is looking to do a further degree next year.

Travel costs for a post-graduate forestry student, Bishwa Nath Regmi, to study for his PhD at Reading University have also been provided.WMT has supported Kishor Rai, a Danuwar, to study for a MSc in linguistics.  The Danuwars are a fisherman caste.  They are very poor and generally uneducated.  The Danuwar have no written language and Kishor is working on a dictionary and grammar of his caste’s language.

Rosna Gurung was abandoned as a sickly baby by her father after her mother’s death.  When found, Rosna was severely emaciated and she was nursed back to health by Helen.  She has been adopted by a Nepalese lady, Shanti Gurung.  Rosna’s education is a joint project with The Pitchford & Wilkins Memorial Trust. Rosna is now in the second year of her health assistant’s course in Shankarapur Academy.Rosna current BSc student


For more information please email If you wish to make a donation to support the education of young nepalese people, please see our donation page, and mention which project you would like to donate to on the form. Thank you.